Italian manufacturer since 1903 | hats, bags, and small goods

Italian manufacturer since 1903

hats, bags, and small goods

At Memar we manufacture hats, bags and half-finished products for brands, stock finished products and raw materials, and we offer different workshops to learn the craft.

The factory was founded in the 1900 by our great-great-grandfather, Erneo Meucci. Back then, Tuscany was famous for a type of straw only grown locally: paglia di Firenze.

Our craft folk discovered a method of straw-weaving which soon became the go-to for French and English milliners (hat makers), and an all-time “classic” for the big screen.

Since our paglia, we’ve come a long way, implementing hundreds of different materials and techniques for fashion accessories.

At Memar we work closely with our clients to provide what’s best for their brand. We assist from the drafted design, to the store product, serving large scale distributors and luxury ateliers. 

We stock an impressive amount of summer and winter raw materials, fabrics, yarns, rare straws native to different countries, alongside Tuscan leather, which are all available as stand-alone too in our warehouse in Florence.


Famiglia Meucci has been a historical part for 100+ years of “the making of fashion” in Florence, specializing in hats.

Artisans have always counted on the experience passed on by our founders, producing unique and creative accessories that contribute to the Made in Italy.

The deep research of raw materials, styles, and techniques in different countries and the close collaboration with designers favour an excellent match between quality and price, much appreciated by large distribution together with high-end brands.

Our team develops hat prototypes for fashion shows, production of basic items as well as fancy hats.

We also offer workshops to schools or private clients who wish to learn our craft.

Handbags and half-finished products

Coco Chanel said something along the lines of
“If you learn to make hats, fashion garments have no more secrets.”

It turns out, she was right. Our experience in hat-making gave us the chance to create accessories of all sorts.

We now offer handbags’ bodies and half-finished products for accessories like shoes (we create uppers) belts, bracelets, furniture items (lamp shades, boxes etc.), and small cases like party favours.

This means we can help clients easily develop a consistent theme across new collections, guaranteeing the same quality throughout the line.

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Interested in picking up hats?

We offer a range of options for schools, tourists, and individuals:

  • school lectures: an introductory overview of hats, their history, and the basics of millinery – as seen in IED Firenze | Milano, Accademia Italiana, Polimoda, Istituto Marangoni, FIT NYC, UCLA and many more 
  • factory visit: get to know our artisans, discover hat-making, and bask in a history of samples made for International brands over the years
  • DIY: our founding designer Daniele Meucci will guide you through the making of your own hat – available for groups of min.5 pp, in-house or in a place of your preference
  • events: are you organizing a cultural event? We can put up a show! Our artisan will showcase the making of a straw hat with a machine from the 20’s
Contact us to arrange the details of your workshop!